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Embracing Diversity Without Compromising Your Identity

Introducing a new book by Coach Herman Boone: 
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In today’s society, it’s more important than ever to embrace diversity without having to compromise who you are as a person, or even your own identity. Not only is this true in life, but it’s also vital in other areas including: work, various organizations, educational institutions, church, social events, politics and more. 

By embracing diversity throughout all of these areas in life, not only can we create a much more diverse and strong society of people as a whole, but it’ll also lead to greater success and peace. 

If there’s anyone who knows how embracing diversity without compromising who you really are, and being able to unite and come together, it’s legendary coach: Herman Boone.
A Quick Look at The Amazing Life of Herman Boone…
In 1971, racial tensions ran very high in Alexandria, Virginia, as three schools were consolidated to form T.C. Williams High School. This unique story was beautifully captured by the monumentally popular Disney film Remember the Titans back in 2000.

Herman Boone, who was portrayed by Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington, faced the challenge of a lifetime in uniting both black and white players from previously rival schools in the newly-created Titan football team.

Tensions only escalated when Boone, assistant coach of the former T.C. Williams High School, was named head coach of the Titans, passing over Bill Yoast, the local favorite and successful head coach of the former (and white) Hammond High. Yoast’s supporters were quickly angered by Boone’s appointment, which was seen as a gesture of goodwill only to the local black community.
“Remarkably, the two coaches were able to put aside their differences 
and in doing so, united their players to form a team whose common 
vision was to respect each other and win football games.”
At the same time, through the game of football, Boone and Yoast were able to help their small Virginia community put aside their intolerance and join together to support their children. The Titans became one of the best teams in Virginia, compiling a perfect 13-0 record in 1971, and going on to win the state championship.

Remember the Titans screenwriter Gregory Allen Howard said it the best in a Washington Post interview…

“Herman is Shakespearean. The beauty of Herman and what he did was that it was sort of unconscious. If you’d asked Herman when he took over T.C. Williams, ‘Were you trying to make a point with these kids?’ he would have said, ‘No, I just want to win football games.’ He had to get the players to get along to win football games. And it worked for just that reason - because it wasn’t self-conscious. He did something quite beyond what even he realized.”

2018: Today, Herman Boone is now retired but continues to motivate and inspire audiences with insightful presentations on respect, teamwork, community involvement, and the importance of character.

Lucky for us, Herman was willing to sit down for an amazing Q&A recorded session that you won’t want to miss…
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside This Captivating 

Book Featuring Herman Boone…
  • Listen as Coach Boone breaks down the hit movie, Remember The Titans, and reveals what the movie was really about, and why it was not about football. 

  •  Get a much clearer and better understanding as to the real meaning of diversity. It’s more than likely not the meaning you probably have in your mind. 

  •  Find out the 2 most important and vital keys that play a huge role in diversity. By understanding these keys, it can make for a more civilized and united society as a whole.

  •  Learn the best ways to embrace diversity in today’s much heated political climate. Right now, it’s needed more than ever. Find out how you can make a real difference!

  •  Discover proven practical solutions on how to create inclusion and embrace diversity in all areas of life including: work, church, school, sports, and even in the social world around you.
Coach Boone will answer various questions that can not only help open your eyes as to what diversity really is, but how to properly embrace it and keep people united for the greater good. 
“You don’t want to miss this talk. It truly has the power to not only change the way you 
view the world and the people around you, but also TRANSFORM your entire life!”
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